SAM (Sales & Marketing) helps manufacturing companies leverage the full power of Artificial Intelligence and Automation to increase sales.

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Meet SAM Your Competitive Edge

Successful lead nurturing results in more gratified and informed customers who channel their satisfaction into their purchase sizes, making 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads (Kapost). SAM empowers manufacturing companies with a fully integrated platform, implementation plan, and content strategy to grow.

Marketing Automation

SAM is designed to help Manufacturing companies increase sales and marketing efficiency, reduce the length of sales cycles, and increase inbound sales and audience engagement with lead nurturing.

Content Integration

Content plays a crucial role in engagement. Whether you have your in-house content team or an agency, we work with your team to ensure that all of your digital marketing assets are seamlessly integrated with SAM.

Code Level Customization

Everything from web forms and analytics to data integration and customized fields are all taken into consideration by our team, ensuring that SAM works for your business from day one.

All-Covered Implementation

Implementing an automation platform can be a daunting task. That's why our all-covered implementation plan puts you in touch with an industry specific marketing automation expert.

SAM's Advantage

Connect the dots

Alignment between marketing and sales can help your company become 67% better at closing. SAM connects all of the dots in Marketing Automation to help your business lead.

Integration Reduces Friction

Reduce friction with full digital marketing integration. From our 360°-calendar to social connection monitoring, our integrated multi-channel lead nurturing combines email, social media, web content creation.

Nutrition Increases ROI

Companies invest significant time, energy and resource to generate leads. Even if a lead becomes a client, however, continued engagement is key to getting the most out of your investment.

Visualization Helps You Make Better Decisions

It’s easy to get lost in endless Excel spreadsheets and confusing charts; SAM data visualization paints a clear picture of all your marketing activities and ROI. Instantly see which emails, CTAs, and blog posts are best performing through data visualization. Know which leads are following you on Twitter, like your company on Facebook, or are active on LinkedIn.

Automation Increases Efficiency

Work smarter, not harder with SAM automated Marketing Platform. Rather than a time-consuming ad-hoc approach to marketing, the SAM Marketing Platform allows you to schedule marketing activities, including emails, social media posts and direct mail drip campaigns, weeks or even months in advance.


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