SAM amplifies 

Sales and Marketing

A fully integrated platform that uses artificial intelligence and automation technology to improve your sales and marketing.  With SAM, it's like having a data scientist on your team to help you win!

Simple, smart, seamless!

Win more!

Companies become 67% better at closing when they align sales and marketing.   

A fully integrated sales and marketing system means less friction, more insight, proactive engagement, and better conversion. SAM helps you:

- Shorten long sales cycles

- Empower your team with actionable intelligence

- Discover patterns hindering sales success

- Predict traffic and conversions months in advance

Connect the dots...

SAM utilizes a universe of powerful sales and marketing features 

all working together to help you lead!

Get better results 

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Serving the fortune 5,000,000 companies

Businesses that innovate, employ, and sustain growth in our economy, organizations like:

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