SAM's highly incentivised partnership program offers a wide range of benefits. Contact us and learn how we can help offer ground breaking solutions to help you and your clients win!

Partner Referral Fee

It’s about the money. We understand! If you’re going to recommend a platform to your customers, you should have a direct incentive to do so. Not only are you confident that SAM is the best platform out there, but you should profit from your introductions.

Increase your own monthly recurring revenue (MRR)

It’s not enough just to “dump and run” when you recommend a comprehensive sales and marketing platform. You need a strategy to ensure your business receives ongoing revenue as part of the deal. That’s why SAM outlines all the areas where you can easily add your value and create new ongoing revenue streams.

Free training and certification (a $1,000 value)

Here at SAM, we don’t expect you to pay for your own training – even if it’s above and beyond learning our platform. In fact, we are one of the few who have designed a full fledged certification program we call “Lead U”. This is where you’ll learn everything you need to know about lead generation, customer journey mapping, automation, omni-channel, as well as the SAM software.

Your own SAM account at 50% Off

Let’s not forget that every SAM partner receives their own SAM account at a 50% discount. With SAM you can unleash the power of AI on your own prospects and customers. We want you using SAM so that you can speak authentically as to why it’s the best platform out there. You’ll even see where you can add incredible value to your customers.

Dedicated support to help you close your deals

It’s simply not enough to know the software, you need to be in a position to answer a number of questions your prospects have. With dedicated support from SAM, you can feel confident that we’ve got your back and that we’re as interested in closing those deals as you are. By working together, we can both accomplish our objectives faster.

Our Partners