Seamless Marketing

Companies in average have to use over 16 siloed marketing tools to work with their CRM. With SAM you don't have to.

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Marketing @ the speed of thought!

SAM empowers you to deliver value and solve your customer’s problems instead of sending them a generic message. Data powered by AI will deliver psychological insight on how your prospects think and act, which gives you a competitive advantage.

Email Marketing

Enterprise Email Marketing Outreach

Run your email campaigns through SAM's email marketing suite. Utilize SAM's state of the art drag-and-drop builder to build and execute world class marketing campaigns with ease. Whether an email expert or a novice, SAM's email marketing suite has been built to accommodate all skill levels out there.

Marketing Automation

Marketing that never sleeps or tires.

With SAM's Marketing Automation suite of tools set your auto pilot to go! Build simple or complex workflow to target your prospects, clients, and everyone else in between. Watch your marketing work for you 24/7 based on numerous triggers and filters available from your data.

Landing Page creator

Fast. Efficient. Stylish.

Build and deploy quick and stylish stand alone landing pages for your flourishing business. Have a new white paper you're pushing? Create a unique page for any business need. No coding experience required.

Event Management

When the eyes in the room are on you!

Hosting a client get together? Got a new system feature you want to unveil to the masses? With SAM's event management suite quickly and easily market your virtual and on-site engagements. A birds-eye view will allow you to monitor all accepted, declined, and tentative rsvp's while simultaneously setting reminders and follow-ups.

Social Listening

Sssshhhhh. We're trying to get the details!

Looking to monitor your brand on Twitter? Want to know what keywords are trending and generating traffic? Let SAM give you a breakdown on what's being discussed out in the web and where you fall in to the equation.

360 Marketing Calendar

Marketing with eyes in the back of your head.

Let SAM give you a breakdown of all marketing endeavors you currently have scheduled to launch. Proactively plan out your week or month to maximize the return on your marketing. Don't allow yourself to get caught off guard wondering if the latest campaign has been scheduled to send.