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Get intelligence at the command of your voice (or click of your mouse) in real-time. Data at your need with no fuss or complicated algorithms.

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Intelligence at the pace of a conversation

Insight can only be deciphered when it's readily available in the most human way possible. That's why we designed SAM to deliver data, when you want it, in the easiest and quickest way possible. Be it conversation, typing, or emailing, get more out of your data without the hassle of jumping multiple hoops.

Conversational Insight

SAM helps you talk business with your data.

Whether you're planning to use SAM as a full platform or an add-on, you can harness terabytes of data and its meaning curated to you in the most human way possible. Real time insight with zero clicks and software skills. As easy as having a conversation via voice, chat or email.


SAM is always learning and evolving

The SAM AI was built from the ground up utilizing several branches of Natural Language Process [NLP] and Natural Language Understanding [NLU]. Through the combination of both SAM will continue to learn, process, analyze, extract, and present your data in a way that feels natural. Much like the natural ebb and flow of real conversation.

Inference Engine

Delivered intelligence for the changing landscape

SAM's Inference Engine was designed and built to deliver real time analytics and metrics to the always optimizing marketer. Did you web traffic or search ranking drop in the last week? Did this week's email campaign under perform against historical average? Be proactive before you have to be reactive.