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Conversational CRM with a lot less clicks. Virtually no manual data entry. Enriched intelligence & advance workflow automation so you can manage more human relations.

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Talk. Type. Email

We designed SAM to be one of the friendliest CRMs on the planet. Whether you are a veteran CRM user or starting out for the first time, SAM offers all the familiarity of a cloud-based application with the option to conversate (talk/type) to get more things done with a lot less data entry, clicks, and software training.


Enter tasks, appointments, notes, calls, lead conversion
and more with lightning speed.

We clocked SAM conversational AI to perform 17 actions via voice and compared it to the same actions done using clicks. The results? 401% faster. This means you get more things done at a faster rate with less effort, software training, and general frustration of using an enterprise software.


One click pipeline and revenue snapshot

With a single click you can see your entire pipeline and revenue forecast in real-time. You can also ask SAM via chat or e-mail using ASK SAM "What is my pipeline" with any given criteria such as: location, job title, product/service type, and more. All without having to create complex reports or complicated filters


Get intent signals on your key prospects

SAM enriches your existing contact data with persona, company intelligence, social signals, and more. And SAM alerts you if there's a change in job position, hiring, and company size/location as they happen keeping your data up to date and relevant.


See what connections you can draw with contact affinity

SAM is able to provide additional intelligence on your contacts including social clout, interests, and other publically available demographics data to help you understand your clients better and engage in better relationships


360 Customer Journey

SAM provides you with a complete journey of your contacts, leads, and clients. SAM automatically tracks number of email interactions, events attended, phone calls, site visits, and other touchpoints with your sales and marketing team in a single and seamless timeline.


Workflow automation helps you do more with less

Run powerful automation and triggers based on your company's set preferences or individual users set goals. SAM allows you to run outreach and nurturing campaigns with effortless ease. SAM's built in capabilities leverage the platforms fully integrated data set to send the right message at the right time and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.