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SAM is your single source of truth for all the data that your business collects and your sales and marketing teams need to make the best decisions.

Eliminates Your (Data) Blind Spots

A company that isn’t leveraging big data to drive growth won’t be in business for much longer. SAM is an integrated system. That means you eliminate data blind spots from using siloed sales and marketing technologies to drive growth.

Built with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

SAM is the first sales and marketing platform built entirely with AI from the ground up. With SAM, your sales and marketing efforts will continuously improve; all the data you collect is being analyzed and prioritized automatically.

Big Data Insights Without the Data Scientist

SAM curates data from multiple sources so that you now have cognitive technologies to decipher hidden patterns, success trends, and correlative insights to help you win.

Marketing at the Speed of Thought

Nurtured leads produce a 20% increase in sales opportunities compared to non-nurtured leads. SAM empowers your team to quickly and easily deploy lead nurturing campaigns and leverage automation to continuously improve.

Deliver the Right Message at the Right Time

SAM empowers you to deliver value and solve your customer’s problems instead of sending them a generic message. Data powered by AI will deliver psychological insight on how your prospects think and act, which gives you the competitive advantage.

Close the Gap Between Sales & Marketing

Gartner says, “up to 70% of sales leads are not properly leveraged or are completely ignored thus wasting marketing programs dollars.” SAM provides an objective measure of lead performance and suitability for placement in the sales pipeline.

Less Learning, More Doing

We’ve obsessed with your overall user experience so that you intuitively know where to go and how to make SAM work for your needs. Spend less time learning the nuances of multiple software solutions and a whole lot more time doing the things that drive your growth and bottom line profits.

Total Cost of Ownership Benefits

When considering SAM, take a look at what you save AND what you get.

Eliminate Other 3rd Party Costs

Because SAM is an integrated system, you no longer need all those costly sales and marketing software stacks. You can keep the ones you love and ditch the rest.

Dedicated Customer Support

Our white glove onboarding means you are assigned a dedicated associate who is personally responsible to have you up and running in 30 days or less. Focus on crushing your quarterly goals, not learning new technology.

Save Time with Less Data Entry & Secure More Meetings

With SAM, a sales person saves an average of 7 hours per week. By pulling in things like social profile and engagement data, you have a full picture of how your prospects are engaging without data entry.

As Simple as Having a Conversation

The software works FOR you and reports TO you. SAM acts as an extension of your team, serving the right intel at the right time, allowing you to make real-time business decisions without having to hire data scientists.

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