About SAM

Our Mission

SAM.AI was put together with over 17 years of expertise in app building and digital marketing. We started this company to help address the needs of the very businesses that help our economy. These are the small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) that contribute innovation, employment, and sustain growth in our economy with nearly half of the country's GDP. With advances in AI, Automation, and Visualization incorporated into SAM - we think we can have a direct impact in helping these small giants win.

Our Philosophy

Our clients, partners, and employees are the center of our business. We strive to market products and services that fulfill our customers' needs by ensuring transparent and open communication before, during and after a sale. We achieve success for our clients through innovative technology and software solutions that increase efficiency, streamline workflow, and maximize revenue. To us, it's more than creating systems and solutions, to us it is all about getting to the very essence of what helps companies grow through sales and marketing software that is smart, simple, and seamless.

Our Investors

SAM AI, Inc. Is a venture backed software technology firm with offices both in Flatiron NY and Newark, NJ. SAM is proud to have received investment funds from UpVentures and Newark Venture Partners (NVP) which includes limited partners such as Dun and Bradstreet, Prudential and Audible by Amazon