Next-gen Growth

SAM uses three branches of Artificial Intelligence to help organizations win collaboratively and operate seamlessly.

  • Get sales done 4 times faster than any other system in the market
  • Improve closing by 67%  with frictionless sales & marketing
  • Make your team super connectors generating referrals & intros

In good company

Seamless Marketing

SAM reveals who in your close-knit network can introduce you to high value prospects. SAM's collaborative approach delivers deals introduced through trusted sources, exponentially increasing appointment show rates and win ratios.

Super Connector

SAM Intro is a super connector that finds warm introductions & referrals within your personal network & organizational ecosystem.

SAM Intro offers an essential aspect of relationship building with Trust Networks for B2B businesses.

Takes 5 minutes to setup, delivers 100s of potential warm intros into your inbox each week help you and your team win collaboratively.

Connected CRM

SAM’s connected CRM unites all aspects of relationship management and marketing into a seamless platform.

With proprietary conversation AI, our users get things done 402% faster than any other CRM in the market.

Customer Journey, Affinity, and Relationship intelligence all integrated to provide 12x more intelligence on your existing data.


SAM Roundtable is the remedy to low registration & poorly attended events.

With just a single click, your audience can view, register, add-to-calendar, and attend events.

Fully streamlined and automated to help your maximize attendance and engagement.


Never Hunt Alone

Real Human Connections
Professional networks are saturated and filled with those we barely know, SAM connects you with people your network really knows using proprietary AI based algorithms.
16x Response Rate
Warm intros delivers 16 times better response than cold.  SAM deliver only warm intros by identifyig true relationship strength with a range of touch-points and time based variables.
Quality Pipeline
Quality leads is a top pain point in sales.  SAM's network powered approach allows you to connect with hard to reach prospects and start with trust from the first hello.
Collaborative Wins
Leverage the collective power of your company's ecosystem. Hunting in packs results in higher appointment turnout, engagement, and win rate. When a deal closes everyone wins.
Rahul Bhansali
Gendral Partner
Gary Kreissman
Group PRM
Ogla Orda
Founder & Managing partner
Silicon Matter