Management Consulting

SAM partners with management consulting firms to help clients utilize robust AI models to transform revenue generation and operational workflow.

In good company

The rapid pace of tech transformation across industries has determined winners and losers of market share.  SAM helps clients leverage proven AI models helping them leapfrog, gain market share, and sustain competitive advantage.

This incluses:

  • Neural Network Model
  • Expert System

Neural Network

Our neural network-based relationship intelligence can organize a vast array of unstructured customer, contact, prospect, and organizational ecosystem data to help clients open new markets and get introductions to untapped client accounts.


Natural Language Processing & Natural Language Understanding are considered some of the most complex barnacles of AI. Most organizations collect terabytes of data however a very few are able to “process” or “understand” a vast amount of data without manual human analysis. At SAM, we have invested over 16,000 man-hours in building trained and reliable NLP/NLU models to help clients get a better understanding of their revenue impacting data.

Expert System

Our inference engine can alert the right decision-maker at the right time based on data sets from multiple sales and marketing systems. For example, we can inform the CMO the moment a campaign starts losing momentum. Our system can also alert the CRO where there is a date showing a lack of follow-up across different channels.

Rahul Bhansali
Gendral Partner
Gary Kreissman
Group PRM
Ogla Orda
Founder & Managing partner
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