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An all-in-one system that connects you with new clients, manages existing relationships, and offers growth marketing capabilities.

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SAM’s Financials Advisor platform is the only solution in the market that helps our clients generate warm introductions to new clients while being able to seamlessly manage all aspects of their client relationships and pipeline management.

SAM leverages a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) known as Neural Networks to unlock network-powered growth.

Contacts 360

Centralizes all of your contacts from every channel. Adds social, affinity, and relationship intelligence to your contacts. And finds new contacts that slipped through the cracks

Warm Intros

Delivers a steady stream of warm introductions and referrals from a trusted network of contacts, colleagues, and your company’s extended ecosystem.

Real Human Connections

Professional networks are saturated and filled with those we barely know, SAM connects you with people your network really knows using proprietary AI based algorithms Collaborative.

16x Response Rate

Warm intros deliver 16 times better response than cold. SAM delivers only warm intros by identifying true relationship strength with a range of touch-points and time based variables.

Quality Pipeline

Quality leads is a top pain point in sales. SAM's network powered approach allows you to connect with hard to reach prospects and start with trust from the first hello.

Collarative Wins

Leverage the collective power of your company's ecosystem. Hunting in packs results in higher appointment turnout, engagement, and win rate. When a deal closes everyone wins.

SAM leverages a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) known as Neural Networks to unlock network-powered growth.

4x Faster with AI

Save 8 hours a week per user on mundane data entry. SAM helps your team get CRM activities done 4 times faster than any other platform in the market with proprietary conversational AI.

Drag & Drop Pipeline

Visualize your entire deal cycle with simple drag and drop pipeline management. Set your sales stage and help your team hit their targets with effortless ease and zero friction.

Deep Relationship Intel

SAM enriches your client’s contant and company data allowing your team to get useful insights and relationship intelligence throughout your customer’s journey.

Follow-up Workflow

Follow-up automaton and user driven workflow helps ensure that nothing falls throught the cracks and helps your team’s productivity by reducing mundane manul task management.

Appointment & Emails

Seamless integration with email and appointment management software enables your team to get more done with the familiarity of applications that they already use.

Smart CRM App

SAM’s iOS and Andorid apps enable additional device specific features such as contact geo footprint, AI powered business card scan, full CRM capabilities, and voice activated reporting.

SAM leverages a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) known as Neural Networks to unlock network-powered growth.

Live Chat Web Leads

Convert a website visitor into a sales appointment with SAM’s AI assistant. Cater to your online prospects with options to engage with AI assisted live sales chat and book sales calls.

Appointment Marketing

Market to a mass audience in your CRM with personalzied appointment request options allowing your sales team to scale appointment generation with the power of integrated marketing.

Seamless Integration

SAM’s appointment setter works seamlessly with Office 365 and GSuite calenders allowing our clients to seamlessly integrate their workflow with apps that they already use daily.

Personalzied Calendar

Set any user specific preferences on availability and SAM with make sure that your appointments are booked only based on your availability and set date and time slot preferences.

Schedule a Meeting Button

Integrate a “Schedule a Meeting” in your email and other digital marketing assets to allow for clients to book appointments at a time that works best for all parties involved .

Optimized Workflow

Appoitnment setters reduces the need to manually look for availability in your calendar and then ask all other parties on their preferences. Simply show them your preferred ability and book meetings.

SAM offers a fully integrated marketing platform with features to help you generate demand and propel growth.


Personalize your email marketing messages to get the highest open rate possible using limitless data merge and customization options.

Drag & Drop Templates

Use our pre-built email templates, copy and page and existing template or build your own masterpiece in seconds with SAM’s drag and drop design studio.

Enterprise-Grade Delivery

We leverage the best in class email delivery engine to ensure that your messages reach your target audience of a hundred or a hundred thousand on-time.

Real Time Metrics

Get relevant campaign metrics in real-time via web or mobile app. Delivery status, Clicks, Opens, and other actions are available in your dashboard and added to the engagement score and customer journey.

Filtering & Re-targeting

Sending the right message while respecting audience preferences and privacy is vital to a successful campaign. SAM allows for in-depth list filtering as well as conditional retargeting based on engagement score.

360 Engagement Journey

SAM offers a full log and a visual chart of audience engagement and customer journey across multiple touchpoints. Customizable engagement scores can be based on frequency and activity of your audience.

SAM offers a fully integrated marketing platform with features to help you generate demand and propel growth.

Event Marketing

Market your webinars, training sessions, and live events with the power of a delivery engine that can broadcast to 10 or 10,000 people in your list with effortless ease.

1-Click Registration

Create events that your audience can register for right in their inbox with a single click. Resulting in more people actually accepting event invites and then attending your event on-time.

Follow-up Automation

SAM’s automation takes care of all aspects of adding the event details to your audience calendar with reminders - requiring no additional actions after they accept an invite.

Filter & Retargeting

Use SAM’s in depth filtering to be able to target the right audience in your list based on demographic, touch points, or their previous engagement with your content.

Deep Analytics

Get all relevant metrics pertaining to invite opens, acceptance, and other responses from your audience. Know exactly how many plan to attend on the day of the event.

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrates with all popular calendar applications and automatically adds event details to registrants that use Microsoft Office 365/Outlook or Gmail Calendar applications.

SAM offers a fully integrated marketing platform with features to help you generate demand and propel growth.

Marketing Automation

Run a wide array of lead nurturing campings in minutes. Set rule based conditions to get the right message and the right time to your target list. Ready to use on day one.

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation features allow users to optimize a wide range of repeated tasks such as: Client on-boarding, team task alerts, and client renewal reminders.

Sales Automation

Mitigate client sales objections with sales automation. Eliminate data blindspots allowing your sales team to follow-up with clients with personalized and on-time messaging.

Multi Channel Campaign

Send multi channel drip campaigns via email, direct mail, and branded promotional materials. Add optional SMS messaging as well other channels such as mobile app push notifications.

Response Automation

Automatically manage engagement responses for high volume campaigns ensuring real time interaction with your audience based on personalized and pre-set conditions.

Real-time Analytics

Get live analytics on all automation campaigns. Opens, clicks, bounces, and other such responses are updated in real-time as well as a visual map of your campaign’s business rules.


A System like no other 

Our Ecosystem platforms are tailored to each client’s needs and can be deployed in days with a brand experience that’s your own. 

Less Learning More Doing

Talk or chat with SAM and get things done without learning a new system.

402% Faster

SAM runs 402% faster with voice activated conversational AI than any other platform in the market. 

Award Winning Innovation

Put our 2 and a half years of R&D and award-winning NLP/NLU based innovation to work today. 


SAM plays nice with others

Seamless integration with 100s of applications so that you can put SAM to work on day 1! SAM also provides a library of private API keys to complement your existing tech stack.


Mobile CRM & Conversational Intelligence

Use SAM on Android or iOS.  Run full CRM activities. Ask for Reports.  All in real-time with the ease of a conversation.

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