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Leverage our years of learning, experimenting, and building AI systems from the ground up to solve complex problems in today’s marketplace.

Our inference engine can alert the right decision-maker at the right time based on data sets from multiple systems attending domain-specific data and creating a reliable knowldegebase. For example, we can inform the CMO the moment a campaign starts losing momentum, our system can also alert the CRO where there is a date showing a lack of follow-up across different channels

Our custom-built recommendation systems can help any enterprise, providing a significant competitive edge. Equipped with an analytics-driven approach we can uncover what your customers really want to buy and deliver relevant offers that will drive and change behavior. We use hidden (deep) models and big data to predict recommendations and offer combinations for each customer, for each visit, and for each session.

Rahul Bhansali
Gendral Partner
Gary Kreissman
Group PRM
Ogla Orda
Founder & Managing partner
Silicon Matter