Commercial Real Estate

SAM finds and targets 90% of all potential tenants in your market.

In good company

Growth Engine

Utilizing a proprietary AI-powered growth engine and a fully managed lead generation campaign, we deliver a steady stream of new qualified leads unmatched by any other solution in the market!

Having a robust sales pipeline requires a steady stream of qualified sales leads. Our team specializes in generating commercial real estate leads at scale using a metric driven approach.

This incluses:

  • Market Specific Target List
  • List Engagement & Lead Nurturing
  • Appointment Setting

Market Specific Target List

For our CRE Clients - we target thousands of c-suite decision-makers with your content and contact information sending them the right message at the right time to warm them for an appointment with you.

We know which companies are hiring, which start-ups just raised a new round, and who is most likely to talk about their existing lease and new office/location goals.

List Engagement & Lead Nurturing

Utilizing meaningful content, intent signals, and a verified target list, we build trust with your prospect list and nurture them with a series of relevant and market specific content.

We design, manage and execute all aspects of the engagement and nurturing campaign maximizing your team’s focus on new relationship building and deal closing.

Appointment Setting

Setting up appointments with a C-suite executive in any given market takes respecting privacy, trust building, relevant content, and Perhaps.
SAM’s proven method of getting C-Suite appointments for CRE clients utilizes relationship intelligence, intent signal, automation, and drip campaign to deliver optimal results.

Target based on location
Weekly Consultation and Progress Report
Marketing Plan, Design, and Execution
Consultation on local market specifics


Never Hunt Alone

Real Human Connections
Professional networks are saturated and filled with those we barely know, SAM connects you with people your network really knows using proprietary AI based algorithms.
16x Response Rate
Warm intros delivers 16 times better response than cold.  SAM deliver only warm intros by identifyig true relationship strength with a range of touch-points and time based variables.
Quality Pipeline
Quality leads is a top pain point in sales. SAM's network powered approach allows you to connect with hard to reach prospects and start with trust from the first hello.
Collaborative Wins
Leverage the collective power of your company's ecosystem. Hunting in packs results in higher appointment turnout, engagement, and win rate. When a deal closes everyone wins.
Rahul Bhansali
Gendral Partner
Gary Kreissman
Group PRM
Ogla Orda
Founder & Managing partner
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