Meet SAM, your super connector!

SAM Introduces you to new accounts, deals, & candidates by unleashing the hidden power of inbox contacts and their relationship strength amongst your invited network.

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Get more warm introductions & referrals!

SAM makes it easy to securely exchange warm introductions & referrals with your close-knit network of colleagues, contacts, and connections. SAM is invite-only and identifies true relationship strength with a range of touch-points and time-based variables. This is done with the utmost respect for your privacy.  Costs nothing to join, no spam, and never an Ad.

Close-Knit Network

Social Networks are saturated.  Create a Close-Knit Network of people who bring substance.  

By Invitation Only

Your Network is invite-only, this reduces unsolicited invites and virtually eliminates spam.

Exchange Warm Intros

Unmask the hidden power of your network, exchange intros based on relationship strength.


Software humanized!

SAM offers all the familiarity of a cloud-based application with the option to use voice activated conversational AI (talk/type) to get more things done with a lot less data entry, clicks, and software training. 

Less Learning More Doing

Talk or chat with SAM and get things done without learning a new system.

402% Faster

SAM runs 402% faster with voice activated conversational AI than any other platform in the market. 

Award Winning Innovation

Put our 2 and a half years of R&D and award-winning NLP/NLU based innovation to work today. 



SAM plays nice with others

Seamless integration with 100s of applications so that you can put SAM to work on day 1! SAM also provides a library of private API keys to complement your existing tech stack.


Mobile CRM & Conversational Intelligence

Use SAM on Android or iOS.  Run full CRM activities. Ask for Reports.  All in real-time with the ease of a conversation.

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